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Vehicle Registration Office in Sikkim
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Vehicle Registration Office in Sikkim

The Division of Motor Vehicle is an integral part of transport department of Sikkim government. The main attributes of this department are the enforcement and implementation of the laws, which are related to Act of Motor Vehicles, which dates back to 1988; Vehicle rule of Sikkim Motor, which was enacted in 1991; Rule of central vehicle, 1989; and Act of Sikkim Motor Vehicle, 1982. As per the notification no: 22/Home/2004, which is dated as 03-03-2004, the motor vehicle division has been bestowed with the following responsibilities:

  • Proper registration of vehicles
  • Issuance of driving licenses
  • Accumulation of motor vehicle road tax
  • Collection of the money of the government by means of fees and taxes recovered from the owners of the vehicles.
  • All matters concerning Inter-State transport arrangement
  • Act of Sikkim Motor Vehicle, 1982
  • Public service statutory regulations of the services about which the department is bothered
  • Issuance of taxi route permits
  • Enforcement of physical fitness certificate
  • Timely meeting of state transport authority
  • Issuance of countersignature to West Bengal public carriers and stage carriages or contract carriages under the jurisdiction of reciprocal agreement
  • Enforcement of provision of the Act of Motor Vehicles, 1988; Rules of Sikkim Motor vehicle,1991 and Rules of Central motor vehicles, 1989
  • Total management of all state transport undertakings
  • Policy of Transport

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