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Telangana RTO

The transport department was set up for implementation of the various provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Also the department is vested with the implementation of the Telangana Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1963 and the rules framed thereunder. Needless to mention, road transport is a preferred mode for bridging the distance between rural areas and the towns or cities where other modes of transport are not convenient. In this direction, the Telangana Transport department co-ordinates with various other organisations so as to achieve better transport facilities enabling movement of goods and people by road. This has also led to this Department being one of the revenue generating departments for the Government. The revenue is earned by levying taxes on motor vehicles


Headed by Transport Commissioner, the Transport Department has adequate manpower comprising of One Additional Commissioner, 4 Joint Commissioners, 3 Regional Officer and One Accounts officer in Head office. This apart, the department also has a dedicated Regional officer to represent the Department before the State Appellate Tribunals. At field level, the Department consists of One Joint Commissioner who is vested with charge of Hyderabad, 14 Deputy Commissioners, 45 Regional Officers of which one shall act as Secretary and STAT in the capacity of RTO. Also 206 Vehicle inspectors and 218 Assistant Vehicle inspectors and two accounts officers are recruited apart from other ministerial staff.

Transport Department

The Transport Department in exercise of its statutory powers granted under Section 213 of the Motor Vehicle Act, Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1963 and the Rules framed thereunder is mandated with the functions of collecting taxes and fee. Also the issue of Driving licenses, temporary grant of vehicle permits encompass the powers of the Department.  In addition to the statutory duties, Department also undertakes safety awareness campaign, checking pollution emanated by vehicles, enforcing the rule book like keeping a check on speeding vehicles and also detect drunken driving cases. Breath analysers and laser guns are used to support the department in this activity.

For policy formulation and implementation, the Department is regulated by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh. The administrative aspects of this department is vested with the head of Transport Department who is in the cadre of Transport Commissioner.



Regional Transport offices in India

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