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Regional Transport offices in India
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Services Provided by RTO

Local Transportation Workplace provides many services. The main important services that are provided by the local transportation department are stated below.

1.            The organization main work is to Related to Generating License:

  • Issuing student document
  • Renewal of student document
  • Issuing driving document
  • Renewal of driving document (issued in same and other office).
  • Endorsement in driving document
  • Noting modify of deal with in student and driving document.
  • Issuing worldwide driving allow.
  • Conductor license

Some other important relevant solutions are given below.

2.     Related to Signing up of Vehicles

  • Temporary registration of automobiles
  • Permanent registration of automobiles
  • Transfer of possession.
  • Entry of hypothecation/ hire-purchase/ rental contract
  • extinction of hypothecation or some hire-purchase/ bad rental contract
  • Change of deal with.
  • Issue of no argument document
  • Issue of approval certificate

3 - Some other important relevant dealings are stated below.

  • Collection of Tax
  • Payment of tax


The solutions provided by these government bodies are controlled, supervised and made by two of the Administration Agencies:

  • Enforcement side of the transport division
  • Traffic cops.
If in any situation somebody goes against the guidelines relevant to visitors laws and regulations – an offence then they are limited to problem Challans against the perpetrator under some penal activities as per M.V Act, in the year of 1988.

Regional Transport offices in India

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