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Regional Transport offices in India
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RTO Uttarakhand

RTO Code is - UK

The Transport Department was established as per the provisions of Section 133A of Motor Vehicles Act-1939 in the year 1945. The Transport Commissioner of UP was its head when Uttarakhand was the part of UP prior to its reorganization i.e. before 9th November 2000. The uttarakhand rto was formed along with the creation of Uttarakhand State. The other important constituent of uttarakhand rto is the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation, earlier known as State Road Transport Corporation(SRTC) prior to the state’s reorganization. The Uttarakhand Corporation started working on 31st of October, 2003 and is currently providing service on the interstate as well as nationalized routes. Presently there are approximately 1000 Uttarakhand Transport Corporation buses that are plying on 35 nationalized as well as non-nationalized routes.  Around 3000 buses are run by private operators that ply on the non-nationalized as well as some interstate routes of UP-Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is majorly covered by the hill routes and the buses plying on these routes have a wheel base of 166 inches with overhang not greater than 50%. The buses running on the plain routes are having wheel base larger than 166 inches with overhang upto 50% and higher seating capacity.

Regional Transport offices in India

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