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RTO Rules And Regulations
Regional Transport offices in India
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RTO Rules and Regulations

The transport department in every city all over the world is responsible for assisting and providing the smooth public transport system on the roads, maintaining vehicle registration records, controlling pollution within permissible limits, vehicles insurance, issuing permits and tax collection. It functions by devising rto rules and policies as well as implementing them along with monitoring and regulating the operation of the city’s transport.

The traffic rules for the roads includes both the informal rules and the laws that gets developed with time in order to facilitate and assist the timely and orderly traffic flow. The age old carts driven by horses have been replaced by the trucks and cars and the increased speed of the traffic paved the way for the increasing demand for smoother traffic as well as smooth roads.  Thus, to cater to the smoother traffic needs, some rules have been devised in order to make sure the smooth running of the traffic. The formation of almost all the road traffic rules is done with devices aimed at controlling the traffic.

The primary idea to create rules is to have a more organised traffic. These helps in making direct contacts with a driver and makes the ride safe, simple & controlled through delivering information complimenting the laws, speed limits, guiding directions and parking zones. All such efforts collectively ensure that the traffic is safe and orderly. An organised traffic has well-established priorities and lanes flowing towards particular directions. It has the advantage of reduced travel time. In order to achieve easy driving few rules & regulations are devised. The drivers must possess few documents while driving which should be shown on demand.

Regional Transport offices in India

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