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RTO Office in Goa

The transport department of Goa state was made under the jurisdiction of Section 133 A relating to Motor Vehicles’ Act of 1939. This vast network of department functions as the top dictatorial body, which governs the whole gamut of functions. These functions undergo the procedures of passengers and goods transport vehicles, which include both commercial and private. By means of these regulatory functions, the transport department of Goa has emerged as major money earner for the exchequer of the state. Thus, this source of generating revenue by transport department is a big contribution to the whole state. Therefore, Goa RTO is grand office, which dwells on stringent rules and regulations.

The details of contact are given below:

Directorate of Transport

Junta-House, Head-QTRS


Assistant Directorate of Transport, (Enf)

Junta-House, North-Panaji-Goa

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Regional Transport offices in India

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