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Regional Transport Offices , Himachal Pradesh
Regional Transport offices in India
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RTO Himachal Pradesh

RTO Code is - HP

The hp rto harnesses the growth potentials of all the sectors of the state’s economy by enhancing the efficiency and ability of accessing & distributing the goods and services as well as the productive capacity through employment opportunities generated around this state. The interior and remote parts of Himachal Pradesh will always be focused for the augmentation of transport network. The hp rto provides mobility with convenience, comfort, frequency, choice, safety and minimum environmental effects. Although the highest priority is given to providing access facilities, steps will be taken for providing various transport facilities such as buses, maxi cabs, cabs, auto-rickshaws & goods carriers having varying sizes and load capacity for making maximum choices available to the consumers as well as promote competition for maintaining cost-effectiveness of services. The Department shall also make endeavors to promote alternative transport modes like ropeways and water transport etc. The Transport Department provides the below services:

Learner's Licence

  • Learner's Licence Issuance
  • Learner's Licence Renewal

Driving Licence

  • Driving Licence Issuance
  • Driving Licence Renewal
  • Renewal of Driving Licence issued elsewhere
  • Endorsement of Driving Licence
  • Noting address change in Driving Licence or Learners Licence

Registration of Vehicles

  • Temporary registration
  • Permanent registration
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Entry of Lease Agreement/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation.
  • Termination of Lease Agreement/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation.
  • Address change.
  • No Objection Certificate Issuance.
  • Clearance Certificate Issuance.
Collection of Taxes

Regional Transport offices in India

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