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Regional Transport offices in India
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RTO Code is - GJ

The gujarat rto has Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation(GSRTC) which is the passenger transport organization. It provides the bus services within Gujarat as well for the neighboring states also. GSRTC was established on 01 May 1960 with the formation of the state of Gujarat. It had a modest beginning with 76 depots, 7 divisions, 7 divisional-workshops & the fleet of 1767 buses. It has now grown to have 125 depots, 15 divisions, 228 buses stations, 1554 pick-up stands & the fleet of 8000 buses. This significant growth is a result of unflagging efforts of over dynamic management, 50,000 workforce and the state government's sustained support. The gujarat rto has built-up formidable and intense technical facilities. It includes:

  • 3 level maintenance & repair facility: 125 depot-workshops, 15 divisional-workshops and 1 central workshop.
  • 7 tyres retreading plant
  • Plant for building Bus body (1000 bus bodies/year)
  • Tickets printing press

Regional Transport offices in India

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