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RTO Form

All RTO e-Forms:

The user can print or download RTO e forms according to his/her use. There are many RTO forms which are frequently used. Below are the different types of the forms along with the details mentioning which form is used for which purpose.

Types of RTO Forms:

Form 1: Used as an Application or declaration to physical Fitness
Form 1-A: Medical Certificate Form
Form 2: Application for learning license. The same form is used for the renewal of the learning license
Form 3: Learner’s License
Form 4: Application for the for permanent License (for driving a vehicle).
Form 4 A :  Form of application to drive a vehicle.
Form 8 : Form used to apply for the addition of new class of vehicle to the driving license
Form 9: Application for renewal of driving license.
Form LLD: Application for duplicate license
Form 20:  Application for registration of vehicles
Form 25: Application for re registration of vehicles
Form 26 Application for duplicate certificate of Registration
Form 27: Application for new registration from other state
RTO Form 28:  RTO Form 28 is an Application for no objection certificate
RTO Form 29: RTO Form 29 is an Application for transfer of ownership
RTO Form 30: RTO Form 30 is an Application for transfer of ownership
Form 31: Application for death certificate
Form 32: Application for registration of public auction vehicle
Form 33: Application for address change in registration
Form 34: Application for hypothecation Endorsement
RTO Form 35: RTO Form 35 is an Application for hypothecation termination
Form 60: Application for income tax Information
Form 61: Application for income tax exemption case
RTO Application IDP: Application for International driving permit
RTO Application PSV: Application for Public Services Vehicle
RTO Application-A: Form of Application for verification of the antecedents
Character Certificate: Application form for verification of character

All RTO e forms can be downloaded and printed directly from the website of Regional transport office. The applicants can also apply for the learning license online. This is only for the personal Non transport vehicles. The applicant can apply for more than one class of vehicle. While filling up the forms online, the full details on name, age, address proof etc should be provided exactly without any errors.

The candidate also gets the chance to select the date of preliminary test while filling the RTO e form for the learning license. The applicant can select the date ten days prior according to the availability.

Regional Transport offices in India

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