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The history of Transport department of Mizoram dates back to the year 1967 when the Assam Government created the DC Transport under jurisdiction of Deputy Commissioner of Mizo Hill District. The function of this department was restricted to transport of food stuff and had a meagre fleet of 10 Perkin Engine (Fargo Dodge) vehicles. After Mizoram attained the status of Union Territory in 1972, the DC transport was elevated to the status of Supplies and Transport Department under the jurisdiction of Mizoram Government. Fifteen years later, the transportation wing was separated and formed into the Transport Department and came into existence with 100 buses on 4th June 1987.

In Mizoram construction of roads is a challenge as most of the population live near roads for ease of access. This is because more than 90% of the area of this State is covered with hills. Since transport is very important for development of infrastructure in any State, the road passengers depended widely on the passenger transport. This has become a lifeline for the population in the State.

There has been a huge gap in demand and development of passenger movement requirements. this is attributed mainly to the lack of funds required for purchase of fleer including buses that is important for infrastructural development. It is imperative that in a State like Mizoram, the transport requirements are more important as 68% of the population live in rural areas. Hence, the adequacy and efficiency of road transport will enable integration of rural population with the economic development of the State to a large extent.

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For more information please visit this site: http://transport.mizoram.gov.in/

Regional Transport offices in India

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