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Kerala RTO- Regional Transport Office In Kerala
Regional Transport offices in India
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Kerala RTO

About Kerala RTO

In regards with formulation of policies and their enforcement, the Department of Motor Vehicle is governed by state government of Kerala; Commissioner of Transport heads the Kerala rto who is also Department’s Head. One of most revenue generating department across the state is regional transport office Kerala. State government has introduced several measures to ensure an efficient and people friendly functioning of rto office Kerala. Washing out of touts and agents from the department has assisted in appropriate functioning of department of rto office Kerala as well as it keep the corrupt practices evil at bay. Common public is encouraged by the department to outreach its counters without taking the support and aid of brokers and touts.

Services at Regional Transport Office Kerala

Some important services offered by the department of Motor Vehicle are:

  • Imposing of Rules and Acts of Motor Vehicle
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Fees and Taxes Collection
  • Services like issuance of fitness certificate, driving license grant, issuance of permits etc
  • Other than above mentioned services, department also keeps check on pollution control of vehicles and measure for safety on road

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Regional Transport offices in India

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