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Jharkhand RTO

Jharkhand state’s Transport Department remains one of the major profit earning department in this state. Purpose of this important department of the state is to emerge into an important as well as cheap revenue generating tool in the new state.

As Service Sectors mainly depend on Transport and Communication activities which otherwise bring an option for earning it always remains a profitable choice. This state is in line with the best administered new states of the country due to smooth public goods movement and friendlier public transport system without which no modern state can attain the path of progress. That is why modern transportation system is always key aspect for public economy in the path to progress and utility services getting boost.

Main focus of Jharkhand state’s Transport Department is to do best efforts which make the promotion of road infrastructure more impressive especially for passenger and goods transportation support. It has also taken into account related services from the public transport promotion to offer best services by implying the energy-efficient modern services which are environment friendly so do they suit ecosystem as well. Implementation of modern transport system has brought best road safety options with the added value for perfect traffic management in the current scenario.

Vehicle ratio at the national level is of 83 : 1 while in the case of the Jharkhand state it is 100 : 1 so best possible attempts are made by the Transport Department of this state to smoothen way for the vehicles availability to achieve national ratio target. According to recent census reports Jharkhand population is approximately 3 crores with 338 persons per square kilometer population density. Out of the all 24 districts of this new state the districts of Ranchi, Bokaro, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Giridih and Hazaribagh remain most densely populated when compared to the rest districts and townships in the state.

Transport Department’s regional offices issue permits to run the buses in various urban localities under the Urban Development Department’s control which monitor operation in the major cities of the state including Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Dhanbad amongst others. Private players too are equally involved in the transportation section with their huge fleet of tiny vehicles from auto rickshaws to taxis operate in the cities. One can also choose to take the services of contract carriages run by the private operators that make it sufficient for its public to commute in the three major towns of the state.

Bus services are available in Jharkhand state’s National Highway itself where most buses run on regular basis with 5 to 10 minutes frequency. Several small vehicle services are also seen besides buses that usually include trekker, maxi cabs and omnis. They operate on the National Highway as well as taking the passengers from one district headquarter to the other. They also link the remote areas of the state. Such buses operate from all district headquarters to the tribal areas of the state.

Regional Transport offices in India

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