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Vehicle Registration In India
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How to Register Your Vehicle

Temporary Registration

The Road Transport Authority has set up the KMV or CMV Act, which lists down a list of procedures that need to be fulfilled for getting temporary registration for vehicles.

Procedure for obtaining temporary registration

Application & Documents Required

  • KMV approved Application form
  • CMV21’s Certificate from the State
  • Certificate of insurance

Fees & Tax Payable

  • Fee Rs.25/- (to pay at RTO cash counter)
  • Tax for a period not exceeding 30 days for:
  • Motor Cycles/Three Wheeled vehicles -Rs.100/-
  • Light Motor vehicles other than 3 wheeled -Rs.200/-
  • Medium Passenger/Goods vehicles -Rs.400/-
  • Heavy Passenger/Goods Vehicles -Rs.600/-
  • Chassis to which body has not been attached  -Rs.500/-
  • Any other vehicles -Rs.300/-

Validity of temporary registration

The vehicle owners must note that the temporary registration that they get on their vehicles from KMV 19 is valid only for a maximum period of one month, unless extension is given under Section 43, sub section 2 of the Act.
If people have further queries, then they must take it with the PROs or RTOs of their respective areas.

Procedure for registering a new vehicle

Once a person gets possession of his personal vehicle from the dealer, he must immediately take all the steps that are necessary for registering it. All necessary documents are needed to be submitted and challan based fee and tax needs to be paid.

  • CMV 20 Approved Application form provided there is coverage for lease, hire purchase agreement, hypothecation etc. with the financiers’ valid signature.
  • CMV 21’s Certificate from the state
  • Valid certificate of insurance
  • Any one of the below for valid proof of address document
    • Ration card copy
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of LIC policy if any
    • Voter’s Id card if any
    • Water Bill
    • Electricity bill copy
    • Telephone bill copy
    • All SC/ST, backward community and minority caste people to produce valid caste certificate from Tehsildaar.
    • Employees of Central Government, State Government or other local organizations to produce recent pay slip
    • In case of no proper proof of age and address the vehicle owner should produce a self-attested certificate and get it approved by a gazette official like Executive Magistrate or First Class Judicial Magistrate or Notary Public
    • Foreign nationals to produce valid proof of residence and necessary documents to show their physical and legal presence in the country
  • CM V22 approved Certificate of Road Worthiness
  • Big vehicles like buses, goods vehicles etc. need to produce Body Builders’ approved CMV 22A
  • Imported vehicles should be accompanied by all legal papers, bond details if any and certificate of customs clearance.
  • The necessary registration fee to be remitted at the local RTO office or at the Treasury
  • If the vehicle qualifies for any tax to be remitted, then the same needs to be paid
  • Vehicles meant to be used for transport, to produce valid certificate of fitness
  • Any other fee that applies on the vehicle for hypothecation, hire, lease etc. to be paid
  • Agriculturists to produce copy of PAN card / Form60 / Form 61
  • Tractor units meant for agricultural use should be accompanied by a valid agricultural certificate given by the Tahsildaar. Vehicles like trailor / semi-trailor should be accompanied by a certificate issued by the Transport Commission approving the design patterns of the vehicles.
  • Transport Vehicles need to produce relevant documents containing permit proceedings
  • If vehicle owners are in possession of advanced allotment letters, they need to be submitted along with fee payment
  • 3 recent photographs of passport size to be submitted

The fee, photographs and all these documents, along with the vehicle are then submitted to the Authority of Registration for inspection. When the vehicle is inspected and found to be in compliance with the rules prescribed the Motor Vehicles Act, registration identity is given to it on the very day of fee payment.

Delivery of documents

The vehicle owners will be given the Certificate of Registration within two days from the day of fee payment anytime between 4.30PM and 5.30PM.

Regional Transport offices in India

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