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RTO Rules And Regulations
Regional Transport offices in India
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RTO Rules and Regulations

While roaming one place to another place usually people use vehicles however, they don not aware about rules and regulations of RTO. It is a known fact that without proper rules and regulation no authority can function properly. Hence, the RTO in the country has also some rules and regulations that allow smooth functionality of road-transportation. The main work of rto in the country is to provide license, granting permit, vehicles insurance and monitoring all rules and regulations. The renowned rto kerala monitors its predefined rules and regulations so that people can enjoy real pleasure of road-transportation. Sated below are the some important rules and regulations of kerala rto.

Issuing of licences

It is the most important part of rto office in the kerala state. As everyone knows, without a legal and valid licence no one can use any kind of vehicles. Hence, getting a legally authorized licence from the competent authority of kerala state RTO office, people need to visit its office. They need to submit an application form and after successful assessment of driving they will be granted learning-licence on the spot. However, after six moths, they need to convert their learning-licence into permanent licence to use a particular vehicle.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is another important rule of RTO office in Kerala. As everyone knows that without getting registered a particular vehicle no one is able to use it. Moreover, the vehicle registration shows legal authority to use particular vehicles in the county’s roads. So, kerala rto also do the registration of all kinds of vehicles in the state. A registered vehicle is authorized to use and it also offer a kind of identity to a vehicle whether two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

Issuing Permits

Vehicles which are used for trading purposes such as heavy truck, buses, taxis etc. need to be granted a legal permit. So, in order to get a legal permit, vehicle owner needs to visit the nearest RTO office in the state and fill an application form. After completing required official term and conditions, they will be granted a legal permit to use heavy or trade-vehicles on the roads of state as well as country.

Tax Collection And Insurance

It is another important rule of rto kerala. As per the guidelines of RTO department in the state, insurance is a mandatory thing to do. Without proper insurance, no vehicle can run on the road. In case, a vehicle run without having proper insurance coverage, it may be charged with legal penalty. Moreover, tax collection such as road tax etc is also an important rule or work of kerala rto. By collecting legal tax, RTO department in the state offer various monitoring services to vehicles owners.


Regional Transport offices in India

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