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Mumbai RTO will Issue Learner's Licence Only After Four Months Charging Rs 2,000 Extra
Regional Transport offices in India

Mumbai RTO will issue learner's licence only after four months, charge Rs 2,000 extra

In the age of technology when things get done at the snap of fingers, the Mumbai RTO seems to be unaware of the fact. Apparently, a person trying to get learner’s driving license will have to wait for at least four months.

And yes, persons can jump this queue and get Mumbai Driving license in just three days at an additional cost of Rs 2000/-. This new cost comes into picture, when an agent is approached to get leaner license in Mumbai without having to wait for the official four months’ time.  These agents somehow get the things done at RTO office and successfully get the license within three days’ time.

Departmental view

When the officials were approached, causal mind set of Transport department was astonishing. The employees mentioned that there is a heavy rush of applications which is taking longer. It was observed that agents of driving schools have been blocking dummy appointments and used to transfer this to others’ name. The online system to issue Learner license in Mumbai was introduced to restrict the interaction of department officials with the public. And also it was aimed at removing the presence of agents who dupe the public for greasing the officials. But the system has actually given way for the agents to earn more to get the process faster.

Measures taken to restrict dummy appointments

So measures have been taken to arrest such instances. Hence, the transferability of blocked appointment dates for Mumbai driving license has been done away with. Hence the agents who have charged their clients additional Rs 2000/- are facing problems, as the systems have been upgraded to arrest the dummy bookings.

However, since the systems are being upgraded, it will take some time till the situation is brought back to normalcy. Once the back log is cleared, the licenses will be issued at a faster pace.


Regional Transport offices in India

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