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Regional Transport offices in India

Regional Transport

Transport regional office, mostly commonly known as RTO, is a bureau of Indian Government which looks after issuance of Driving License and vehicle registration. Each state’s transport office is governed by Government of India for proper functioning of vehicles registration under specific series allotted to particular state.


Job of regional transport office is to maintain systematic records of vehicles and its owners’ identity; rto office allot a unique series of number to every vehicle and these vehicle numbers are registered with relevant authority of transport based on vehicle owners’ addresses. Every rto is given a particular number series for registering vehicles. This is done for tracing the vehicle via its owner’s address in case of any mishap or crime. Below mentioned list describes specific series of numbers allotted to each state’s rto office.
List Of regional transport office In India

Andaman & Nicobar Islands - AN
Andhra Pradesh - AP
Arunachal Pradesh - AR
Assam - AS
Bihar - BR
Chhattisgarh - CG
Daman and Diu - DD
Delhi - DL
Gujarat State - GJ
Himachal Pradesh - HP
Haryana - HR
Jharkhand - JH
Jammu & Kashmir - JK
Karnataka - KA
Kerala - KL
Lakshadweep - LD
Maharashtra - MH
Meghalaya - ML
Manipur - MN
Madhya Pradesh - MP
Orissa - OR
Punjab - PB
Rajasthan - RJ
Tamil Nadu - TN
Tripura - TR
Uttarakhand – UA/UK
Uttar Pradesh - UP

Regional Transport offices in India

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